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It’s A Little Mistake…Are You Making It?

By jeff 0

I know I have many times in the past.

It’s one mistake that you don’t acknowledge until its too late.

You think that it’s ok until you realize you’re now further away from your goals.

What mistake is it?

It’s the mistake of REWARDING yourself or the “I earned it” or “I deserve it.”

About 3 years ago now I got into a pattern that didn’t suit my goals.

Much like you probably have.

The pattern went like this…

I’d go to the gym and train hard. Every day when I was done my friend and I would head to a restaurant to eat.

At first, everything was good – I’d chooses the better options – and not drink or reward myself with that “sweet” thing I wanted.

Then one day I said “ahhh man I worked hard today – I earned it” and had a burger, fries and a vodka-7 up (that’s my go-to).

This started a downward spiral.

Every day I trained and followed it up by grabbing food with my friend – I ended up slipping into the same routine.

Poor food choices + a drink or 6 and justifying it with “But I earned it” or “I worked hard today” or “it’s only 1”.

This continued for a while…

Until I realized I was up nearly 20 pounds heavier than I’d ever been (235).

That 1 drink after my workout cause I earned it, or that burger instead of the chicken was all it took for me to sabotage all the hard work I just put in in the gym and actually was counterproductive to my results.

The reason for this is because once we reward ourselves for something, we will inherently do it again. Much like a dog for a treat. Yes, I just compared myself to a dog and a treat.

Our brains will then link this high (from reward) to our outcome (workout = drink) and then what gets FIRED TOGETHER GETS WIRED TOGETHER.

This means that the powerful high that I received from my reward was firing alongside my workout feeling causing me to feel like it was a good thing.

And it was…

Until I realized I had gained 20+ pounds.

Are you making a similar mistake?

Are you wiring nonbeneficial or non-goal based actions into goal-based actions causing a negative result to happen?

Maybe its the Friday night drinks with friends.

Maybe its the “cheat meal” after training.

Maybe its the McDonalds fries you grab on the way home from a stressful day.

These negative actions get wired to our brain’s pleasure center and will then continue to happen…


  1. You acknowledge them.
  2. You change them.

But you must acknowledge them before you can change them.

So where are you doing something that may be counterproductive to your outcomes and goals?



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