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Kanye West & $2

By jeff 0

Back in the day, when Kanye West was still humble, there wasn’t much to get distracted with.

We had our home phone, a pager, and cable tv with VCR.

We didn’t have Instagram, facebook, or internet in general, so all we really knew was ourself. Therefore if we worked out, and we saw results in the mirror, we were happy.

Nowadays I see people get KILLER results in their workouts, yet they’re unhappy because they’re not as good as whatever they’ve seen online

I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim high and set big goals, but the worst thing you can do is set goals based on other people. You’ll end up old and grumpy like a Bad Granpda because you can’t control other people.

Never compare yourself to others, only compare yourself to yourself.

There’s always someone hotter than you. There’s always someone that can squat more than you, and unless you’re Dutch there’s always a better soccer team.

With that said, it’s a scientific FACT that some get faster results than others. No denying that.

Everyone is built different, and some have crazy-high metabolisms while others get fat just thinking
of carbs.

But that’s the beauty of life. What’s most important is that you LET GO of what others are doing.

Because when you start comparing, dumb stuff happens. Check this out..

If you get $7 and someone else gets $3, you’d take it right?

If you get $5 and someone else gets $5, you’d probably still take it right?

If you get $2 and that someone else gets $8.. would you still take it?

Think about that one and be honest with yourself..

.. because in studies done across the world, the vast majority of all people REJECT the $2..

.. which makes no sense.

If you take the $2, you’re $2 richer. If you don’t take it, you get nothing.

It’s all because we human beings are not rational. It’s human nature.

It’s why most of us don’t save enough for retirement, even though we know we should.

Why we eat the burgers & fries, even though we know we shouldn’t.

Why we want to know what Kim & Kanye are up to, even though we know we shouldn’t

And it’s also why we love to compare ourself with others, even though we know there’s always someone better/worse than us.

Some get leaner & stronger faster than you. But whatever YOU do, take what you can and make the most out of yourself.

I’m not saying to go caveman and cut off internet. You need internet to read my emails. I’m just trying to make you aware of how things are these days.

Our brains were designed 2000+ years ago. They’re not able to process all the information that gets thrown your way nowadays.

So if you ever feel overwhelmed.. simply go back to what your goals are for 2018, and STTP (Stick To The Plan)

Skip all the other noise.

Live easy, and live in your own world.

author: jeff


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