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“Know Less” Do More

By jeff 0

Have you ever wondered how “stupid people” have better results than you?

Maybe its the “stupid person” who got a promotion.

Or maybe it’s your “stupid friend” who doesn’t know anything about fitness, or diets but lost 10 pounds faster than you.

Or maybe its that “stupid friend” who just always seems to have a way with others and you cant figure it out?

Well, its actually REALLY SIMPLE…

And that’s kind of the problem…..

The truth is – “Stupid people” see better results than those who have more information or knowledge because…………

Can you guess??

It’s because they DON’T KNOW AS MUCH!!!

So let me explain….

That “stupid individual” see’s better and faster results because they don’t know as much. Their brain is not full of different information all fighting to come to the top.

They know 1-2 things and JUST DO. They aren’t worried about perfect because they only know 1-2 ways to make it happen. Which makes it perfect.

Yet you- the person full of knowledge and information cant seem to “figure out the secret” because your brain is pulling you in 10 different ways on how to figure out, approach or overcome a situation.

This leads to paralysis by analysis.

In simple terms… It means you over think and over complicate things.

When we overthink or complicate things we never take action.

The other reason “stupid people” succeed is because they don’t look at it and say “Oh that’s too easy, that won’t work.”

They just say…. “Ok, this is what I read, so now I’ll do that.”

They focus on taking imperfect action over perfect action.

They don’t allow themselves to complicate a problem.

They don’t get bogged down by too much information that traps you underneath it all.

So what is the takeaway?

Make it simple.
Keep it simple.
Just do.

Want to lose weight? Make sure you workout and eat inside your calorie requirements.

Want to improve your health and fitness? Workout and eat well.

Want to start a business? Apply for a business license.

Want to be better with people? Just go talk.

Too much information, too much knowledge can actually be more of a problem than not knowing anything at all because if you know too much you inherently over complicate and don’t ever start.

Its ok to keep it simple.
Its ok to not know everything.
Its ok to just start.

So from now on, instead of trying to be the most well informed, most educated and most knowledgeable, try just being the person who….


Do what the person you asked told you to do.


Don’t look for more information.
Don’t try and fill up on knowledge.


Once you are doing, then learn more.

But until then…

Don’t let your own high amount of information and knowledge be the reason that the stupid person achieves more than you do.


author: jeff


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