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Lesson From My Grandma’s Easter Ham

By jeff 0

Can I tell you a quick story?

Awesome 🙂

So right to our story…

For years, Grandma Nancy made Ham for Easter and Thanksgiving.

After years in the kitchen with Grandma Nancy’s daughter Sally finally had a house of her own and decided to have Easter at her house.

As part of keeping up with the tradition, Sally decided to cook ham! (What a surprise).

She remembered all the years watching her Grandma Nancy and dived right into the prepping the whole meal.

Heating the oven.
Mixing potatoes.
Creating a salad dressing.
Prepping the ham.

As part of the prep, Sally always saw her Grandma cut the ends off the ham.

She followed the prep exactly as she remembered watching Grandma do.

As she was mid way through prep, Sally’s daughter asked her why she cut the ends off the ham.

Sally told her daughter it was because “thats how Grandma always did it, and it was amazing.”

When Grandma got to Sally’s house that night, Sally’s daughter said:

“Hey Grandma, why do you cuts the ends off the ham?”

Grandma responded “Because the oven we used was too small so we had to cut the ends off to make it fit.”

So why tell this story?

Because there is one very great lesson here…..

Can you guess what it is??

If you said knowing the reason for doing something a specific way – YOU’D BE RIGHT.

Listen, we often follow people almost blindly, doing as they did because it may have worked…..

However, just like Grandmas ham, you may not have to do it that way to get the same outcome.

Grandma had to cut the ends off the ham to make it fit, however if you don’t have the problem of a small oven, you don’t need to cut the ends off your own ham….

Ok Ok.

I may be confusing you now……

We often times do the same thing as Sally and follow what others do when it comes to weight loss and transformation. Things I often see are:

People following other peoples way of eating.
People taking the exact workouts from others.
Using specific brands of supplements.
Doing cardio for long periods of time.
Using specific machines.
And more…..

So what am I trying to teach you here?

Find out exactly why something is done the way it is. Often times, there is a much better way or even more efficient and effective way.

The main questions:
Does this get me to my end goal?
Why are we doing this specifically?
Can I do it another way, or is this the only way?
Is this the most efficient or effective way?

Ill leave you with a quote I really like that fits perfectly:

“Be Stubborn about your goals, but flexible in your methods.”

author: jeff


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