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Looking to grow your glutes!? Open me to find out more!

By jeff 0

We are announcing a new phase of our bikini body program due to the demand of members and potential members for a focus on growing the glutes (booty)!

The workouts in our bikini booty program are specifically designed to help melt belly fat and TIGHTEN & TONE stomach and thighs and of course, BUILD the booty!

We are also offering nutrition guidance! The bikini body program nutrition is NOT going to be some BS long list of foods you can’t have, or a miserable cookie cutter meal plan you’ll struggle to follow πŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Your nutrition plan will (as always :)) be customized to YOU, and is focused on a lifestyle change that still allows you to eat foods you enjoy, with long term, sustainable results!!!

This program will give you ALL the tools for long term success, and results are GUARANTEED as long as you put the work in!

The bikini booty transformation program will give you:

βœ… Guaranteed inches and pounds lost βœ… Full body Tightening and Toning

βœ… Flatter Tummy βœ… Tightening and growing the booty βœ… Confidence to rock your bikini

βœ… More Energy βœ… Option for virtual (online) coaching if you are not local (Tacoma, WA area)

βœ… Nutrition Coaching to get you your results AND avoid regain βœ… Weekly coaching calls and check ins

βœ… 24/7 accountability & support βœ… Group support

The first FIVE people (founding members) to grab their spot in this program will get 50% off their first month, and 10% off each month, FOREVER, as long as they stay in the program! Damn, what a DEAL. Reply to this post and snag your spot!

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