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Monday Motivation: Momento Mori

By JTS 0
Do you know what Memento Mori means?
Memento Mori latin for ‘remember that you will die’ is something that I try and remind myself of daily.
The reason why is because you only have so much time in your life.
I am about to ask you a very serious question, for 2 reasons…..
1. It may hit very close to home, as it does with me and people I know
2. It will put some things into perspective
What if tomorrow, you went to the doctor for a routine check up, when the doctor comes in a few minutes after the nurse has left, he looks at his clipboard….
As he examines his clipboard, he looks up and says “you may want to take a seat.”
He then proceeds, to tell you, “you have cancer, and it is very severe”
He continues to tell you “with how severe it is, you only have about 6 months to live.”
If your doctor said this……………
What would you do for the next 6 months?
Most likely if your like most, your life would soon turn into that of the movie “The Bucket List” with Jack Nickelson and Morgan Freedman.
Or you will start unleashing your greatest ideas like Steve Jobs, or write an amazing book like “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch….
When you know you only have so long to live, everything becomes possible. There is no “later” or ill get to it eventually….
Live everyday with memento moro on your mind….. Remember that you will die.
Unlike the idea above, you may only have 20 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours or 60 more years. You have no idea. SO TRULY LIVE YOUR LIFE.
I will leave you with this………
If something is in your control, it is worth giving every ounce of effort and energy you have everyday.
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