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Myth Busters: Fitness Edition

By jeff 0

I’m in an (extra) sassy mood today so it seems like a great day for some fitness myth busting!!!

**If someone tells you any of these myths listed below, they have no idea what in the actual F they’re talking about **

Myth #1: Carbs make you fat

Carbs don’t make you fat – eating in a caloric surplus makes you fat! This doesn’t mean all calories are created equal and you can eat whatever you want as long as you’re within your calorie goal. Macronutrient ratios within your diet play a huge role in reaching your health and fitness goals and it’s important to eat a diet that includes plenty of nutrient dense foods- but you definitely don’t need to cut out carbs completely to lose weight!

Myth #2: You have to follow ____ diet to confuse your metabolism so you can lose weight.

Metabolic confusion is not a real thing. You can’t “confuse” your metabolism. You can train it and grow it with CONSISTENCY in both diet and exercise.

Myth #3: You NEED a fat burner to lose weight

Fat burners don’t actually burn fat. They typically just contain a ton of caffeine and chemicals and increase your heart rate and make you sweat, which can be unhealthy and will only get rid of water weight if anything. They will NOT magically melt fat.

Myth #4: You need to do fasted cardio in the morning to lose weight

Fasted cardio isn’t better just because it’s fasted. Wanna do cardio hungry? Go ahead. But that doesn’t automatically make it better. You can get great results by utilizing a cardio regime WITHOUT an empty belly.

Myth #5: Deadlifts are bad for your back.

Deadlifts aren’t bad for your back. Deadlifting with SHIT form is bad for your back. That’s really all that needs to be said on this one!!!

author: jeff


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