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Nagging Pain or Injury? TRY THIS!

By jeff 0
Don't worry you're not the only one that gets these nagging pains or injuries.

I talk to a lot of people who have things going on in their elbows,
shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. Most have dealt with these
issues for weeks, months and sometimes even years. Some have even
went to doctors, physicians, and physical therapists with no real

Now I'm not saying these aren't the right things to do, which
they are. But a lot of times with the right knowledge and approach
you can clear these things up rather quickly yourself.

The reason why most people experience nagging pains and injuries
much longer than they should is they are treating the wrong area.

You may be saying "well if my shoulder hurts, I'm going to
treat my shoulder!" well that is somewhat the case..... But
heres the thing...... Your body does not only use one area of the
body. Its built on the "kinetic chain" (don't worry ill
write on this more in another email).

What the kinetic chain means is that everything is built
together.... Do a quick test.... Look down at your hand with
fingers extended and open palm... Then try and pull just your
middle finger towards your palm. What you will see is that your
other fingers had to work to stay in place, your forearm was engaged
as well as your wrist.

So anyways, back to the injuries and how to fix them!

Each injury is built on muscle, joints and tissue above and below
the injury. What tends to actually happen with pain and injuries is
they are created from OTHER AREAS in your body and then the pain is
triggered in a certain area..... For example, coach Pat was dealing
with some serious elbow issues for along time until we started to
address the real issue and guess what.... It wasn't actually
his elbow.

Before explaining further I'm going to give a fantastic analogy that
will clear this whole thing up before going further.

I'm sure we have all had a door in our house that for some reason
will just not shut correctly. When we look at the door we may try
and close it a few times to see whats going on, maybe a rock is
stuck under the door or something is going on. After a few times we
have accessed what is wrong with the door. It may be the hinges,
door knob or even the door seal. From our discovery we fix the
issue that we found causing the problem to occur which was the door
not closing........

Now that sounds really simple right????

Well when it comes to our bodies we do not do the same
observation.... Going back to the door, if we did the same things
we do for the body we would see that the door does not close
properly. Maybe look at it a few times and notice that the bottom
edge of the door is scraping along the floor restricting it from
closing. Instead of looking for the real issue (maybe the hinge in
this case) we decide to simply shim the bottom edge of the door to
make it close better......

Now looking at these two examples if you had a door not functioning
correctly which approach would you take?

Hopefully you chose approach one.

Now going back to coach Pat. He originally was only looking at his
elbow (think about shimming the door) doing all kinds of stuff for
only the elbow. But I took approach one and looked at what was
going on above and below the elbow. By simply doing this we
observed that it was tension coming from his bicep and shoulder
causing pain in his elbow itself.

Instead of continuing to work only on the elbow, we took our
adjustments up to the shoulder and bicep and the nagging pain
quickly went away!

So long story short, pain and injuries are not caused at the
problem area. They are just like the door scraping against the
floor. The real issues are from other areas but are only seen in
the pain or injury.

So heres a quick 1....2....3..... punch for when things start to
get a little off and start to cause pain or even for your current

1.Find the "pain or injury". This means if your knee
hurts.... We just found THE PAIN... If your ankle was rolled a
bunch a year ago we just found the "injury"

2. Look upstream and downstream... This means "look around the
door for things going on". How you would do this for your
body..... If my knee hurts I am going to start by looking up and
downstream this means to the above and below joints.... The hip
(above) and ankle (below). While looking at them I will check to
see is I have normal range of motion or if I have any limitations
or blocking. If I do the hip and realize nothing is wrong AWESOME.
Ill then check the ankle and probably find that I have a slight
limitation in range. This limitation of range will equate to a
hinge being slightly lose. It will not cause pain at the hinge but
result in the door (knee in this case) being slightly out of
position causing pain.

3. Once you accessed up and down stream take what you found and
start working on it. This might mean mobility drills, stretching,
strengthening or correcting positioning.

One thing to also know while self assessing..... Your body
functions on what is called a "joint by joint" approach
which means each joint is either a stable or mobile joint.

Starting from the floor up

Ankle - Mobile
Knee - Stable
Hip - Mobile
Lumbar spine (low back) - Stable
Thoracic spine (upper back) Mobile

And working from finger tips in

Wrist - Mobile
Elbow - Stable
Shoulder - Mobile

Now go do steps one through three.... Find the pain or injury. Look
upstream and down streams.... Then Address the muscle, mobility,
positioning and tissue in what you find might be causing the issue
in the pain area.

author: jeff


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