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Nutrition/fitness basics for newbies + a good reminder for EVERYONE!

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✅ Focus on eating foods without a package. Produce, meat, etc. Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is a good rule.

✅ When you are planning a meal, think protein and veggies FIRST. Let fruit/rice/potatoes/sauces fill in the blanks.

✅ Lift weights/strength train. This is what will get you lean and “toned”. Extensive cardio (esp steady state like on a treadmill/elliptical) will destroy your metabolism. You will need more and more just for the same results. Your body will be conditioned to shitloads of cardio and will have adapted to using less energy (calories) to function in an effort to conserve energy for the extended cardio sessions. Work smarter, NOT harder, and be consistent 💪🔥

✅ Drink plenty of water! Shoot for 100 oz a day! Water increases energy, promotes weight loss, helps digestion, improves your skin and your immune system, and helps prevent cramps/strains!

✅ Don’t be scared of eating till you’re full when you’re eating nutrient dense foods!!! Undereating leads to a decrease in leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full) and an increase in grehlin (hunger hormone) which leads to binging/overeating issues!!! Calories are NOT scary or bad when you’re eating well!

Check out what a few clients had to say recently about their nutrition and workout plans ♥️

“Personal victory share: today is the first time in over a year that I’ve worn jeans to work! I became so self conscious and my exponential weight gain post-Army was a big contributor to that. Thanks to this group and the awesome coaches at Grit City, I am down 24 lbs since I started in Oct 2018 (15 of those pounds have been lost since starting nutrition coaching with Serena Jowers almost 2 months ago!) Thank you all for supporting me 🥰” – Maria

“I had an epiphany yesterday when I was eating breakfast. I was going for my phone to track my food and had a super quick thought, “I just don’t want to do this today. Can’t I just eat and not track my food every damn day?” Then it was quickly replaced by my daily mantra, “be committed!” I did the tracking and ate a good breakfast, was thankful for my food and my energy and the privilege it is to be choosy with my food in this abundant country. I just realized that since tracking my food and going to the gym regularly, it is the first time I’ve been so consistent in the matter of my life and health. I’ve been so good previously at explaining and detailing why I can’t or justifying why I don’t. Rarely have I ever created what my food and eating will look like in order to achieve a future state, which is getting fit and having a great relationship with food and fitness . This has greatly impacted my life and business and all around my well being. When you think about what other things you can create and plan for in your life, you can be unstoppable!” -Mary Ann

“I love this shirt but, when I was able to wear it, I had to wear a shaping tank top to suck my stomach in and even then it was tight. Now I can wear it with a normal tank underneath 😁” – Lindsey

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