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Nutrition/fitness basics for newbies + a good reminder for EVERYONE!

By jeff 0

✅ Focus on eating foods without a package. Produce, meat, etc. Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is a good rule.

✅ When you are planning a meal, think protein and veggies FIRST. Let fruit/rice/potatoes/sauces fill in the blanks.

Lift weights/strength train. This is what will get you lean and “toned”. Extensive cardio (especially steady state like on a treadmill/elliptical) will destroy your metabolism. You will need more and more just for the same results. Your body will be conditioned to shitloads of cardio and will have adapted to using less energy (calories) to function in an effort to conserve energy for the extended cardio sessions. Work smarter, NOT harder, and be consistent 💪🔥

✅ Drink plenty of water! Shoot for 100 oz a day! Water increases energy, promotes weight loss, helps digestion, improves your skin and your immune system, and helps prevent cramps/strains!

✅ Don’t be scared of eating till you’re full when you’re eating nutrient dense foods!!! Under eating leads to a decrease in leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full) and an increase in grehlin (hunger hormone) which leads to binging/overeating issues!!! Calories are NOT scary or bad when you’re eating well!



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