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OMG DO You Love The Mona Lisa?

By jeff 0
🔥🔥Museums are a great lesson in human psychology.. 🔥🔥

Last year we went to the louvre.

The home of the Mona Lisa.

To be honest it’s not that cool of a painting.

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of other paintings in the museum that are better...

But the Mona Lisa.... packed full of people trying to take a picture of it.

Overflowing to where they need 4 security guards....

A portrait of a woman.

Yes a great painting.

Done by an amazing artist.

But no better than the 100’s of other paintings on the walls in the same room and others.

The lesson from this is simple.

We attach interest and value to things only because “others” like them.

You can watch in a museum if you sit for just a bit a weird phenomenon...

A painting will get 0 attention.

No one stops and looks at it at all....

But if a group of people stop and look at the photo more people will stop and look at it.

Eventually building up a mass of people that were not there for any length of time before the group arrived.

Because others looked, more people think it’s important.

This is the same in our lives....

We chase and look for shit that means NOTHING to us, only because others are stopping, looking or talking about it.

Just like the Louvre....

There are so many more amazing photos and paintings at the museum yet people Cluster around the same thing...

You don’t need to hold the same values in things.

You don’t need to have the same goals.

Allow yourself to realize that what you want is not the same as everyone else.

There is so much more than the goals your friends talk about and people post on Facebook.

Don’t follow the herd.

Find what’s important and amazing to you.
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