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Possible Error: Your System May Need Updating

By jeff 0

We have all experienced this…

We receive a notification on our cellphone or computer.. It says “There is new software available – download now”

We proceed to download the new software and one of three outcomes follow…

  1. You get a notification that says “we cannot update your software due to lack of space or outdated hardware”
  2. The new software downloads – but instead of improving your phone/computer it actually slows it down
  3. It loads – and improves the performance of the phone/computer

Unless you have up to date hardware like in the 3rd example, you will experience the 1st or 2nd.

Just like our phones and computers our brains and bodies have hardware . The hardware is our current actions, thoughts, people around us, and environment.

We then try to add new software. In this case its new education, mindset, motivation, inspiration and more..

But just like with the phone and computers, if our brains and bodies hardware are not up to date with the requirements needed, the new software will only hinder you or not work at all.

So how do you update your own hardware?

1st. Clear your mind of negative thinking

2nd. Realign your current actions to be aligned more with future software

3rd. Future think – Instead of living and thinking about the past, think of the future and how it is/will be with the new software

4th. Continue to future think only – don’t allow yourself to think of the past – by doing this, its similar to deleting a key component of the new software and ruining the design

5th. Surround yourself with with others who help keep your new thoughts and actions in alignment with the new software

6th. Spend more time in environment’s that help keep the software giving good and positive feedback

7th. Ensure the you know the outcome of the new software to align it with all the above

By following these steps, when installing the new software, your hardware will be up to date. You will have a higher chance of success with the new installation and ensuring it functions properly without slowing you down, hindering you or having a negative impact.

Now ask yourself:
What software do I want to install?

What is the intended outcome of installing this software?

Do I currently have all requirements met to install this new software?

What do I need to add, delete, change, or fix to allow myself to install the new software?

How long will the installing of this software take?


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