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Stronger Than An Elephant – Reveal The Superhero Inside?

By jeff 0
When an elephant is a baby it can be restrained by a small stake and a piece of rope as the elephant is to weak to break the rope or pull the stake from the ground.
It tugs.
It struggles.
It fights.
And eventually accepts that there is no point in fighting anymore.
Then the elephant grows up to be a massive and powerful beast.
A beast that could EASILY escape the small stake and rope its restrained by.
But it doesn’t.
It no longer tugs.
It no longer struggles.
It no longer fights.
You know why?
Because its accepted that the stake and rope have control over it.
It accepted its limits.
Here is the truth.
You don’t have people holding you back.
You have excuses.
You don’t have limits.
You have excuses.
You don’t live in a predetermined reality.
You have excuses.
Those excuses are your very own rope and stake.
The fact is, wether you are willing to admit it or not, the only person who limits you and ties you to a rope and stake is yourself.
Look in the mirror everyday – and tell yourself your stronger than your excuses.
Stronger than the ropes and stakes you have thought you couldn’t pull out.
And OVERPOWER everything to achieve what you truly are capable of.

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