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Struggle To Figure Out Your Goal To Focus On?

By jeff 0
Have you ever heard the old parable “The man who chases two rabbits catches non.”?
Well its true, if your chasing two things at the same time you’ll often times not catch either.
But if you just chase one rabbit?
You catch the rabbit.
Your goals are the same.
To many different goals can have you scattered like chasing two rabbits, which then leaves you not accomplishing any.
So what can you do?
You narrow the focus of your interests, down to a specific focused goal.
Instead of having 15 health and fitness goals, you narrow it down to 1 thats most important to you, or will encompass a couple through osmosis.
I want to share with you this extremely easy tactic I use and teach our GOAL CRUSHER group here at Grit City that helps narrow your focus to make it easy to achieve and succeed at any goal. h
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