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Sugar Coated Lies….

By jeff 0

🔥🔥What Should You Focus On When It Comes To Nutrition? 👈 👈

With all the different diets out there and all the people saying _food is bad for you don’t eat it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and think losing weight is hard AF.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it IS simple. Especially the physical part- eat in a caloric deficit while consuming enough protein and Whole Foods and voila!

The mental part is what gets us more, and focusing on the WRONG things! Here are 3 mental hurdles I see clients and others struggle with the most:

  1. Perfection 🚫
  2. What others are doing/saying 🚫
  3. Short-term progress (i.e. the # on the scale) 🚫

Let’s reframe these to focus on the RIGHT things:

  1. Consistency ✅ Perfection is ridiculous to pursue- no one is perfect and in fact, it’s in our imperfections that we learn and grow. Focusing on being 100% perfect on your fitness/weight loss journey leads to disappointment when you mess up, and can cause you to give up or yo-yo. Instead, focus on consistency- and brushing it off when you hit a bump in the road-happens to all of us!
  2. What you’re doing/what works for you ✅ “Comparison is the thief of joy”- comparing yourself to others and focusing on them and what they are doing does not help you. Instead, focus on yourself and what your goals are and what is working for you! What works for them may not work as well for you and vice versa. We all have different body compositions, goals, and starting points.
  3. Long-term patterns/progress ✅ For the love of God throw your damn scale away. That stupid thing doesn’t measure anything important. Weight fluctuates for so many other reasons that have nothing to do with body fat VS muscle (water retention, stress, digestion, etc). Worry instead about how you look and feel, and what your measurements are! These don’t lie!


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