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The Choice Is Yours – What Will You Change?

By jeff 0

Hope your Friday is going awesome

I want to talk about goals and achieving goals.

Achieving goals are very simple.

But let me give you a little advice.

Look at your goals. Now look at your behaviors…Do your behaviors match your goals?

If not you have two options.
Change your behaviors
Change your goal

It’s that simple.

Let me give you one more way to really achieve your goals.

This one is a bit harder but I can GUARANTEE success if you do it!!

Call together 10-15 even 20 friends, co-workers or just all of your friends on facebook.

Tell all these people that on a set day (we will use tomorrow as an example start day 9/28/19) 60 days from now, you will be 20 pounds lighter. This means that in our example you would be 20 pounds lighter on – 11/28/19.

Before you go and tell people, give yourself a punishment for not succeeding…And when I say punishment I don’t just mean ohh I’ll stand in the corner for 20 minutes.


Some examples are

Giving $2500 to the co-worker you absolutely despise
Sign a registration form for the spartan beast and if you don’t succeed your friend will send it in
You will eat a whole – 4 week old rotting piece of fish

THOSE ARE PUNISHMENTS. Those will make whatever bad thing you want to do and are craving go away very fast because you do not want to experience those things.

If you do not SUCCEED in losing those 20 pounds that you told all these people about by the day 11/28/19 you will experience your PUNISHMENT and everybody will hold you accountable to this.

If you set the punishment correctly, you will not fail I GUARANTEE IT!


Check your goals and your behaviors. See if they match- If not change your behaviors or your goals.

Get your friends together and set a punishment with a strict deadline for success.

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author: jeff


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