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The Countdown Is ON!

By jeff 0
I am super exited to announce this: We have opened up a few spots in our super popular (and crazy effective) Superhero You program! That means you can now train in one of our most effective programs for a fraction of what most personal training cost!
Times available at 5:30am,8:30am,11:40am, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.
(Keep reading for all the details)
One of the things that makes me very excited is our Superhero You feeling amazing, seeing body transformations and achieving things they otherwise felt they may never be able to achieve!

This program is a specialized strength and conditioning program designed to burn fat, build muscle tone, transform your body and help you achieve all your desired results with a group of motivated and hard working individuals committed to success!


This program includes the accountability you need, training program designed specifically for optimal body transformations, nutrition guidance and coaching, cardio programming, hands on development and training and much more…. This program is for those, who want to push and be pushed to their next level, while building strength, confidence, having fun and seeing great results.


Just read on to see if your interested!!


***** Be The Hero Of Your Own Movie*******

If your life was a movie, and it started now..


Forget about everything thats happened in the past, all your failed attempts at transforming your body, personal failures, physical failures…


What would the hero of your life’s movie do RIGHT NOW?






Take the next step by applying here –


This is your opportunity to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.


This is your opportunity to take your body to the next level, overcome the hurdles that have stopped you before

and let your mind and body break free of everything thats ever held you back.


This is your time to choose to be there hero of your own MOVIE!


Here is your chance to start where you are, taking the daily step to be inspired, taking a step each day to get closer to the SUPERHERO You truly are……


Our next phase of GRIT CITY Superhero you is only 2 weeks away!


But we will get you going right away so your ready to get started!


Take the next step by applying here –


This is a program designed specifically for those who are ready to become more. Take your training to the next level. Achieve goals that have otherwise felt impossible. Change the way you think of things and become…..


A SUPERHERO TO your friends, your family, your children, your spouses.


We only have a few spaces available in our 5:30am,8:30am,11:40am, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.


This program is committed to success, training 3x a week (M/W/F) as well as extra sessions designed for you..




With limited spots in each time spot, we want to ensure we fill them with the people that fit this group and program the best…


Take the next step by applying here –

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