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The GPS For Your Goals

By jeff 0
Do you use GPS?
GPS like global positioning system.
IM sure like most you have, especially not that its become so accessible.
We have it on all of our technology.
Tablets, phones, computers, watches, cars and everything in between.
The nice thing about GPS is it helps us guide us from our current location to our destination.
Do you remember when we used to have mapquest? Or googlemaps and print it off before we left?
Technology has made getting us from point A to point B so much easier.
You might use it only so often, or all the time…
But the thing is, it always knows which is the best way for you to get to your destination.
Im sure you’ve probably even used GPS to get you to somewhere you’ve been before. Maybe it was to find a better route, maybe a faster route, or maybe just because your not 100% sure how to get there.
It has the ability to see if there is traffic, road closures, a new road added, toll roads and so much more….
The thing about GPS is its much like a coach/trainer.
A coach is your HUMAN GPS.
What do I mean?
We see where you are currently at, and see where you want to go.
We give you guidance and directions just like your GPS.
For instance your phone might tell you to take a left on the next street.
A coach will tell you to do this movement a bit different.
Your GPS might show you a faster way then you’ve previously used.
A coach will show you the best and fastest way to get to your goals.
But here is the real question…
Do you ever think that you know better than your GPS?
Do you watch your screen and it tells you to turn left you tell yourself “Ohh I know a better way to go.”
Doubtful… Because your using a GPS for the assistance it gives you on navigating your way to your destination.
When a coach is trying to guide you, they are your GPS.
They have your best interests at heart.
They want to see you get to your destination the quickest.
They want to see you avoid toll roads, road blocks and traffic jams.
They want to help you make the correct turn by turn directions to get to your destination.
But this only works when you listen to your coach.
One of the worst things you can ever say is “I already know that.”
The next worst thing you can say is “ive done it before so I know how..”
As mentioned above, you’ve probably used GPS to get to a destination you’ve previously been to before…
The same happens with our goals, we might have accomplished them before, but our coach helps us navigate it quicker, avoid issues that may be present, and shows you that you might be in a different location than you were previously.
Your coach is your guide, designed to be your human navigation to your goals.
If you don’t listen to their guidance, your basically driving your own way while ignoring your GPS.
Use their knowledge.
Use their information.
Use their recommendations.
Follow their advice.
And what will happen is instead of struggling to get to your destination, missing your location, or adding miles or minutes to your destination…..
We are opening up a extremely small amount of spots (5 spots left) to work directly with me over the next 90 days.
Over these 90 days, you will have direct contact and coaching with me 5x+ a week, to guide you from where your currently at, to achieving your 90 day goals and outcomes within your fitness, your workouts, your performance across all spectrums of your life, and your results.
This is a 90 day intensive, thats an investment in yourself in time, and finances, but its all worth it when you achieve your goals you’ve been struggling with in 90 days or less.
And if you dont achieve your goals that we set out for you in 90 days??? Well then ill continue to coach you for free until you do… Whats better than that? Your results in 90 days, or free coaching until you do!!!
If this sounds like what you need, trust me its worth it, its time to take action and see if your a good fit.
Complete this short form –
Once I review it, ill decide if your a good fit for this 90 day results program. If you are, we will get on the phone and chat more.

author: jeff


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