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It’s the start of a new year and a new decade so start the new year with clear and realistic goals (fitness or otherwise) and don’t rely on motivation to get there.

Motivation is fleeting, while discipline and habit are lasting. You won’t get to your goals because of motivation alone. We all lose it sometimes, we are all human. How you deal with losing motivation is what will make or break you. Do you let the loss of motivation take over, or do you have a plan to help you stay disciplined and building healthy habits? I’m referring to fitness but this can and should apply to all goals!

Depending on your fitness goals and your current body composition, it will take MONTHS, or even YEARS to TRULY change your body. Not 10 sessions with a trainer or a “21 days fix” 🤷🏼‍♀️ sorry not sorry.

Before anyone bites my head off, YES, you should definitely see PROGRESS within as little as just a few weeks of staying CONSISTENT on a proper nutrition and fitness regimen! And that progress is awesome, it can and should be used as motivation for you to keep going and getting better! BUT, you need to focus on the bigger picture so that you don’t let the loss of motivation and/or the ups and downs of life hold you back! Know that your overall health/fitness and body composition will not be changed/fixed in just a few weeks or even months 🚫 and have a simple but efficient plan.

When it comes to health and fitness, the majority of people looking to improve really only need to focus on 3 things:
✅ Eat better (more whole and nutritionally dense foods and less CRAP 💩)
✅ MOVE more
✅ Do so consistently
It’s really that simple. (I didn’t say easy! I said simple!)

But instead of accepting these simple truths, people spend way too much time worrying about how many meals they eat per day, not eating carbs after 8 pm, taking supplements to get into ketosis, and how many calories are in a banana 🙃🤦🏼‍♀️

People are gaining weight (nearly 75% of men and 60% of women in America are overweight or obese according to the CDC) and spending money on the wrong things (diet pills, cookie-cutter meal plans, skinny wraps and cleanses), then eventually giving up and staying overweight and unhealthy!

STOP looking for a quick or easy way out. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. Start focusing on these 3 simple things, and you will start to see progress, which in turn helps you build momentum, discipline, and habits and keep going in the right direction (even on the days that you aren’t feeling motivated)!

Happy New Year and New Decade! 2020 we are ready for you! Hit me up and check out my gym sometimes if anyone of my annoying posts ever catches your attention 😆🤪

author: jeff


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