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The Power Of Positive Focus

By jeff 0
Did you know that negative things and positive things both create a snowballing effect…

If your mental frame is always that you’re failing or have not achieved your big goal you will always see things from a negative perspective.

But once you start seeing improvements, whether big or small it will create a cascading effect of success..

The easiest way to train yourself to see all the things you are doing is by creating a success journal or success log.

Each night before bed take a few moments to jot down 5 or more things you did that are positive today. They do not need to be huge things. They could be as simple as not drinking coffee, waking up on the first alarm, spending 5 minutes with your children, parking in the back of the parking lot or even big things like seeing you have lost 20 pounds, got a promotion at work or anything else!

By seeing the positive things that you are accomplishing, you will suddenly be surrounded by positive results vs negative.

Start this daily action today and watch the positive focus and positive action cascade happen right in front of your eyes. 

author: jeff


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