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ThEse 4 THinGs ArE ImPoRtant

By jeff 0

The 4 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you MUST DO NOW to help make the changes you want to your body, health, success and anything else…..

1. CHANGE THE WAY YOU TALK TO YOURSELF. You talk to yourself more than anybody or anything else… Make sure you’re speaking positively… The words you speak dictate much more than just a bunch of letters put together. They dictate the way you think of things and your potential.

2. CHANGE YOUR PHYSICAL STATE… Your physical state (place your currently at) will drain you or drive you. If your sitting, stand up. If you’re in a depressing situation, GET UP AND MOVE!

3. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Your environment, the places you go to and hang out in dictate your potential. If you were an animal would you want to be in the zoo or free? Keeping yourself in a not optimal environment is like being a lion who wants to be in the wild, the difference is… You can leave at any time to a better your situation.

4. CHANGE YOUR CIRCLE. The people in your circle will bring you up or down. The change in circles will also change your conversations. Those conversations will change your thinking, your potential, your beliefs in yourself!!!

Quick recap… These 4 things are…

1. Change how you speak to yourself – make it awesome.
2. Change your physical state – get up and move.
3. Change your enviroment – Environment dictates growth.
4. Change your circle – Those around you will bring you up or down.

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