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Water Your Brain For Extra Gains

By jeff 0
Ever experience the 2pm slump? Chances are you just need to hydrate! Common symptoms of mild dehydration include sleepiness, fatigue and brain fog. So, before you reach for that cup of coffee or energy drink, have a tall glass of water first.
  • The brain is 75-80% water. Staying hydrated can help the brain stay sharp and focused, improving memory and mood.
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain makes us feel drowsy, giving us the midday yawns. Water helps deliver oxygen to throughout the body, providing an instant pep!
  • The average person drinks less 32oz of water per day, but loses more than 80oz per day!
  • Even 1% dehydration can result in up to 5% decrease in cognitive functioning.
Keep your brain hydrated by drinking water regularly throughout the day. Start each day with a 12-16 oz glass of water and shoot for at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces throughout the rest of the day (more if you exercise regularly).

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