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We want to help any and all people that are currently in Tacoma or the surrounding area – still be able to be fit and healthy during this unique and stressful time . We have all been impacted by this – and to help us all – we’ve put together this group “Keep GRIT Fit” (find on FB) to give those that live and work in the area a way to still be able to have a PLACE that they can GO (yes virtually) to be able to get access to workouts, activities and recommendations around the area during this time and ways to keep yourself from losing your mind inside your home . Please share this group to everybody as it is free- and is only for the purpose of helping others. We will also post workouts on this page 😀❤️ . During this time we will be posting daily workouts you can do at home – with no equipment necessary, talking about ways to stay healthy even when under high stress situations, And tools to utilize these times more effectively to not only survive, but thrive in adversity . . #keepgritfit #nogritnopearl #fitness #health #tacoma #homeworkouts #gritcityfitness #covid19 #quarantineworkouts

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