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Are You Wearing The Best Uniform & Set Better Goals

By jeff 0

Are you wearing the Failure Uniform?

Over 10+ years of coaching people, being around people in all aspects of life, there are a few things I’ve noticed about those who “fail”.

While there are some people who exhibit this and succeed most who wear this uniform don’t.

Why do I call it a uniform?

Because to them, it’s part of who they are, their stories, their beliefs and who they are as a whole. They walk around covering themselves in this uniform, much like a prison jumpsuit.

The fun thing is, unlike a prison jumpsuit, if the individual realizes they are wearing the failure uniform, they can change it and put something else on.

The success uniform.

So what is the Failure Uniform?

1. They feel like they know everything.
2. They play the victim and blame anything that doesn’t go their way on everyone but themselves
3. Tell stories/ to fabricate where they are in life instead of being truthful and honest
4. Not asking for help
5. Always searching for the perfect or fastest thing
6. Don’t know why they are doing what they are doing
7. Have goals that are not their own
8. Focus on Friday and Saturday nights instead of focusing on what they want from life
9. Try to make things complicated or challenging for the sole purpose of having a justifiable reason to not do something
10. Speak more than they do
11. Focus too much on what others are doing and not enough on their own
12. Constantly comparing to others instead of comparing to past self
13. Say they want XYZ until they have to put in the work to accomplish it
14. Wants quick fixes instead of long term solutions
15. They stop trying to learn and want everything to be done for them like a baby
16. They want to do everything BUT what they are supposed to do
17. They let their stories control them
18. They see things far worse than they are, not as they truly are
19. They hate when others succeed
20. They let other people control their happiness instead of controlling it themselves
21. They let the fear of failure or not succeeding stop them from trying
22. They say “I can’t” more than they say “I can”
23. They have more reasons than results
24. They will say “I can’t afford it” instead of “how can I afford this?”
25. They let things outside of their control dictate their lives
26. They find every reason something can’t be done – instead of looking for any reason it can be
27. They always think they need more: more time, more energy, more money, more knowledge: before starting
28. They think there is a “secret” to success
29. They don’t get started
30. They don’t stick to it
31. They think failure is the end of the world – instead of it just being feedback
32. They think they need to do the advanced stuff instead of getting really great at the basics
33. They’d rather stay comfortable instead being in discomfort which is what leads to goals
34. They hold onto the past instead of looking to the future
35. They’d rather invest in the lottery or gamble than in themselves
36. They’d rather things fall into their lap instead of going after it with intensity
37. They allow anxiety to rule them – instead of taking action
38. They live reactively instead of proactively
39. They only tip their toes in the water instead of jumping all in


Set your goals… And set better goals…. 

Are you setting “general” goals?
Or are you setting SPECIFIC goals?

This is a video I did for one of our past challenges but want to share it with you because I just refound it.

author: jeff


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