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What ✈️ Planes and ⚖️ Weight Loss Have In Common

By jeff 0

What can a plane ride, unloading and going on vacation teach you about your fat loss goals, achievement or results in general?

Well, I just got back from a vacation. I went out to Mexico and obviously that involves me flying and as soon as we landed I instantly had an epiphany, a, an idea that I realized that we all do this around our goals, around what we want to run, what we want to accomplish.

But at the same time when we look at other people doing it, we realized the silliness in it. And that is unloading the plane. Now, I’m sure you’ve done this at some point, if you’ve ever flown, you’ve landed, they’ve gotten on the runway and they’re pulling in or taxing into where you’re going to depart off the plane.

And as soon as the pilot says you can unbuckle your seat belts, everybody unbuckled her seatbelt, jumps up, tries to rush the, uh, the, you know, the walkway in between the seats and tries to unload all this stuff.

Not Realizing that you’ve still got another five to six minutes standing there holding your shit above your head or holding in this tight confined quarters, trying to rush the five to 50 to a hundred people in front of you, and this may be realized that it’s a lot like our our goals, our fat loss results, right?

What I mean by this is that when you land, you have a certain amount of time it’s going to take from all the other people to unload in front of you. You can stand there and be impatient as all hell, but it does not speed up the process.

It does not get you anywhere faster and it does not make you feel any happier yet. If you realize there’s 50 people in front of me and I have, I’m the 51st person. I don’t have to stand up yet.

What Planes Rides, Fat Loss and Your Results Have In Common & How To Improve Results

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