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What Uber Can Teach You About Fat Loss

By jeff 0

I’m a huge fan of Uber, I use it at least 2-3 times a week! 

Whenever I travel all I use is Uber to get around. The same anytime I am going out for the night… 

But this is not about why I use it, but a HUGE lesson I took away from it.

If you have never used Uber let me give you a quick rundown on it. – If you do, skip this next paragraph.

To use Uber is extremely easy. Once you have downloaded it and create an account, you just open the app – and click “get uber”. Now when you open the app, there are two icons on the map. One is a little pin, and another is a little blue dot. The “pin” represents where you want the driver to get you. The blue dot is where you “currently” are at – by using the GPS on your phone. Once you have requested a driver, you can either type in the location you want to go or wait to tell the driver. From there they pick you up and take you to your location. Your driver gets turn by turn directions, and it also shows you on your phone the exact route they recommend. Once you get to your location you proceed to hop out of the car like it’s your friend dropping you off….. Very easy.

OK – Back to a life lesson learned from Uber.

The other night I decided to grab an Uber from my friend’s house in downtown Seattle to head to Belltown. I knew the address of where I was at but was not paying much attention as I opened the app, moved the “pin” to my “location”. Clicked get Uber and started waiting for it to arrive.

About 3 minutes later, I open the app back up to check on the driver’s ETA. 

As I was watching where the driver was, I looked closer at my “pinned” location. I then noticed my “blue dot location” was not in the same place. As I looked closer I realized my pin was at the wrong location.

Immediately, I canceled my Uber and requested a new one. This time to the correct location and address.

3 minutes later, Uber is at my front door ready to pick me up.

So what is the “life lesson”?

*****Knowing exactly where you currently are – to get where you want to go*********

How I came about this…

1st. The first time I requested the car, I didn’t check to confirm the location was correct. While my phone is right 95% of the time, there was still an error.

2nd. I believed I was in a different location, had I not canceled my original Uber, he would have shown up and I wouldn’t have been there. This means, I would not have been able to get to my end location, because my starting location was wrong!

3rd. I canceled my 1st ride and requested a new one. This time from the correct address I was located. This allowed me to get picked up and go to my end destination.

4th. Once I was in the car, I saw the exact route I would be talking to my end location. I could have the driver take a different route, or he could as well but the end outcome was the same – I got where I needed to go.

5th. I got where I needed to go because I knew exactly where I was starting from.

Now… How does this apply to you?

All too often we have goals we want to accomplish. We know the end outcome we are looking for:

Lose 15 pounds

drop BF

Increase the money in your savings

Spend more time with family

But the problem is, we don’t know exactly where we are starting from. We also don’t know the exact route to get from point A to point B.

Just like my first Uber, we believe we are at one location, but in reality, our GPS is off.

I see a lot of people do this in all places of their life. They have the end goal and try and get to it from a place they think they are….. But they are really somewhere else.

It may only be a block away or even miles. Either way, they are trying to start from the wrong “pinpoint”.

In life, we all have what I refer to as data points. 

When people come into the gym, the data points we use are:


Body fat

Body measurements


How they currently feel

Injuries and limitations

All these help us bring our GPS to the exact starting location. Think about each one of these data points as satellites helping us find exactly where we currently are.

Once we know exactly where we are – getting to the endpoint is simple… Why?

Because all we have to do is follow the route to the end. 


Do you know your starting point?

Are you currently pinning where you are in the right location or where you think you might be?


Do you want to have more success in achieving your goals?

Do you need help finding your exact starting location and laying out the right plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to go?

If you’re ready to really transform your body, your results in the gym and in life and have the exact road map. Click the link below, to set up a strategy session with a GRIT CITY transformation coach. We will help you figure out exactly where you are, what to do and get to your end outcome… Just like my Uber driver did. or click here –

author: jeff


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