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Whats Your Kryptonite?

By jeff 0
We all have personal “weaknesses”.
For Superman his “weakness” is Kryptonite.
We all have our own Kryptonite.
Is yours:
– Social situations that make you fall off track?
– Is it food choices or not knowing whats ideal?
– If it lack of consistency?
– Is it an unsupportive social circle?
– Is it having to many cheats or alchoholic drinks?
– Is it a nagging injury that you cant overcome?
– Is it the stories you tell yourself and believe?
– Is it a lack of motivation?
– Is it a lack of accountability to yourself and others?
– Is it a lack of focus or goal?
We all have our own Kryptonite.
However we must find out what it is and figure out how to avoid it.
Otherwise we will continue to not have the powers we truly possess just like Superman.
When he’s around Kryptonite he’s weak, his powers are gone and he is weaker than his normal self, so what does he do??
Only you know what your Kryptonite is.
But once you are aware of your Kryptonite you can change your environment, you can change your surroundings, you can change your circle, you can change your actions…
Because awareness proceeds change.
You must be aware of what weakens you and then and only then can a proper change that elicits the outcomes you want.
Dont let your Kryptonite hold you back any longer!
Now is the time to learn how to overcome your kryptonite and use your own superhero powers to be the hero of your own life. 
With coaching, accountability and the support you need you can learn how to finally not let your Kryptonite impact you anymore, or even how to USE IT to your advantage and achieve all the results you deserve. 
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