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Would You call Me Crazy If…….

By jeff 0

…if I told you 2,000 calories a day could easily be a calorie DEFICIT for you (of course it would take time and you’d have to work for it too…) 

Well I’ll be honest…if you told me 2.5 years ago, after my last show, that I could eat 2,000 calories a day and be in a DEFICIT, I would have thought you were absolutely NUTS 🥜- like needing to be institutionalized nuts 😂😆 I understood the science, but I just didn’t think an intake that high would EVER happen for ME!

But that’s FACTS for me today. 2,000 calories per day is a DEFICIT for me. Pretty DOPE huh? The more calories you have available, the more you can enjoy life and have a great relationship with food 💯

I cannot stress enough, that you should NOT be cutting calories if you have a bad relationship with food, if you can’t follow your calories and end up binging, or if you’re just scared of food and you think eating as little as possible is the answer! And If someone is telling you the answer is to eat less and less, you should probably just run in the other direction!

Our bodies are complex, and highly adaptable. Our bodies want to be fed and nourished. Our bodies don’t want to be overweight or obese. And although many don’t want to tell you this, our bodies (especially women’s) don’t want to be extremely lean either #sorrynotsorry 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve been tracking my food for a decade, spent the first half of it completely clueless, resisted TRULY listening to my body for another 2-3 years, and then FINALLY it clicked and here I am, with a high intake & a healthy metabolism, while being in the best and happiest shape of my life. Am I the leanest I’ve ever been? Absolutely not 😂 But do I have more lean mass than when I was extremely lean? Absolutely yes. Am i stronger than I’ve ever been? Absolutely yes. And hey, the curves are a plus too- no more pancake booty 😆

But let’s not get off track – It’s seriously SO much more than looking lean or good. Start working WITH your body towards healthy physique goals, be PATIENT, and you’ll be amazed at how STRONG & FULL OF ENERGY you can feel, and then and only then, will the long term, sustainable results come!

author: jeff


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