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Write Your Own Workouts

By jeff 0

๐Ÿ’ฅ Create Your Own Workouts? ๐Ÿ’ฅ
Get More Bang For Your Buck!

If you go to the gym and workout on your own – here’s are a few tips to help improve your results.

1. If you can only train 3-4 hours per week, make your workouts as full body as possible. Try to perform at least one movement from each of these categories
– 1 vertical push
– 1 horizontal push
– 1 knee dominant
– 1 trunk movement

And 2 movements from each of these
– 2 horizontal pull
– 2 vertical pull
– 2 hip dominant

2. Perform strength work first – too often people do cardio or something else before they workout. This drastically impacts the overall effectiveness and stimulus you can place on your body when done this way. Ideally do all strength work first then anything else such as metabolic or cardio

3. Perform your larger/compound movements first, unless using them as a pump/primer. Performing your compound movements first allows for maximal muscle recruitment while reducing the total fatigue you currently have when lifting. The only time this is not ideal is if you want to do a warmup/pump session before (these are done to activate, engage and recruit muscle fiber before main strength component)

4. Shorten your rest – almost guaranteed you rest way too long. Do a superset, ad a non competing movement, just do more in less time.

5. Quality form = ideal.
Ensure your always training with the most optimal or ideal form for the movement you are doing based on your own body. Each one of us moves slightly different so we all have slight variety in what we do and how we move.

6. If you are training more than 5 days per week utilize a body split training – either an upper/lower, push/pull or upper push, lower pull, upper pull, lower push, arms/abs and cleanup.

7. New/innovative/creative shit doesn’t = results
Standing on a bosu ball, or doing that random exercise you saw that one person on YouTube doesn’t = results. Especially if you don’t know why your doing it, how it’s going to benefit the goal or what it’s supposed to be working.

8. Consistency is 100% key
Consistency is the only way you will achieve your goal. It will not happen over night. It won’t happen in a week. It will happen over weeks and months. Start now, pick a schedule and commit! Results will happen through consistency.

Want to simplify your workouts, your nutrition, and have it done for you so all you have to do is show up, train hard and succeed?


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