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You are not alone!

By jeff 0
You’re not alone. I struggle too. I know I have a lot of clients and others
that look up to me, so it’s important to remind y’all of how much I
struggled, and that I still struggle sometimes. I don’t wake up every
single day motivated, but I’ve learned to be disciplined and my fitness
will always take priority, even on the bad days.

I started my fitness journey almost 5 years ago and it saved my life. I
started as a lost soul scared of food, obsessed with cardio, afraid of
weights, and masking my problems and pain with excessive alcohol and drug use. Since them I changed my life completely and I have truly
empowered myself through fitness — and I want to help you, and ever
person I have the opportunity to work with, do the same and that’s why I’m here, and so passionate about what we do here at Grit City.

Fitness is about being strong and powerful from the INSIDE out. I can
teach you how to train and eat better and you will see increased strength and aesthetic changes to your body, but it is about so much more than
just that! Fitness encompasses mental, emotional, AND physical health.

It is about helping you understand that YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE
FOR THE BETTER. Physically, emotionally, and mentally! It starts from the outside in- and it starts with who you allow in your life and whether they support and elevate you, or bring you down. YOU are in charge of who
you allow to stay in your life no matter who they are. I left an abusive father at age 18 and haven’t talked to him in about 8 years going strong. I
left abusive relationships in my 20s. Since I started my fitness journey
and changed my life I have ELEVATED how I think of myself and my
mental health to where everything in my life needs to be aligned with my goals and what is best for me! Taking care of yourself and your health – mental, emotional, and physical- gives you strength and power. When
we treat our bodies with love and care during our fitness journey,
confidence grows (along with our muscles)!

Going after your fitness goals with a passion while embracing the
process reinforces that WE ARE WORTH BEING LOVED AND CARED FOR. Do it for your damn self and you will GROW and succeed in all areas of
your life!

author: jeff


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