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You Are Your Next Choice

By jeff 0
You are not your past.
You are not your failures; you are not all the times that you didn’t quite make it or the times you didn’t stand up when you should have. You are not your fears; you are not defined by the people that say you can’t make it.
You are the person that has gone through that and has learned. You have learned from these mistakes as stepping stones. They say that people who achieve greatness are the ones who stand on the shoulders of giants, be your giant today, stand on your shoulders, the ones you have laid there through the footsteps you have walked through up until today.
You are not your past; you are your next choice.
And the beauty is your next choice gets to happen right now.
Want to be positive, then choose to be it.
Want to be successful then choose to be it and every choice from now on.
Want to be healthy and a role model, then choose to get up, start moving and eat right.
You are your choices, and you get to make that decision to be whoever you want to be from Right Now.
Make the right next choice.
The right choice to commit to your goals.
The right choice to follow the nutrition plan.
The right choice to look at what you want in 3/6/9/12 months instead of today.
The right choice to invest and commit to yourself.
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