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Your body requires air to survive, your goals require A.I.R. to THRIVE.

A.I.R. stands for:




Success with Goals, visions, and purpose is nothing more

then following the simple principles of attention, intention, and repetition.

What I mean is, if my goal is to lose 20 pounds I must

follow the process of A.I.R.

Once you have set the goal, you simply assess if you’re giving attention

to the desired goal, vision or purpose.

From there, you check to see if the intention is still there. This process is done by going back to the goal, vision or purpose and looking at the “why” for it.

You follow this up by figuring out whether or not you still, have a connection to it.

Following assessing your intention you look to see if you have repetition.

You look and see how often your attention and intentions are being repeated for said goal, vision or purpose. You also look to see and check if any strategies are in place for more repetition.

So going back to my 20-pound goal. How I would follow this is:

Attention – Am I giving enough attention to the goal of 20 pounds. This would mean,

am I spending time exercising, focusing on good food choices and making sure I’m recovering properly.

Intention- I would then use intention to make sure that my goal of 20 pounds is still the DESIRED goal or if I lost it or found a new desired goal.

Repetition – How often am I working out, how often am I making the right food choices for the intended goal, how often am I doing recovery work? Id also work on creating strategies to make sure I was getting in more reputation such as setting daily timers for food, setting appointments that are used to exercise and more!

I am BETA TESTING a brand spanking new coaching program which is far more than just fitness. It’s going to be an integrated coaching the system with pieces of fitness, life coaching, success coaching and more.

If your interested shoot me an email and we can chat about it!

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