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You Set Your Goals…. Now What?

By jeff 0
Hey Achieve More Goals By Setting The Goal, Finding The Gap & Closing The Gap With This Method
Today I want to talk to you about setting goals, finding the gap in that goal, and then closing those gaps.
What I mean here, guys is when we set a goal, we are not the person we need to be yet to achieve it. Otherwise, if we were already that person, we already had the skill. You already have the capacity.
 We were already on the right track. We would already be there. Now, what we need to realize is that setting a goal is one piece of this, but finding what’s missing, the gap between it is the key piece in actually achieving it. Now.
We oftentimes make this process really, really hard and I. I’ve been a victim of it to myself where I just couldn’t figure out how to close the gap. I couldn’t get myself out of my own kind of mental fog that I was in and this is a strategy that I use and employ on other people that works really, really well on setting the goals, finding the gaps, and then closing them.
So I’m going to use a couple. I’m going to use four different goals that I’ve been working with people on over the course of the last year that had been really, really hot and we’re going to break them down so we can solve them. And this is going to be a hands-on process so you guys actually see how we go about this, but first off, we need to have two key things and that is :
1. what’s the goal
2. timeline.
Now, when I say timeline, timeline just means that you have an end date in mind. OK?
You have a set time in which this goal needs to be fulfilled in. The reason that this must happen is that you just say go, Hey, I want to lose 20 pounds. Well, there’s a law, the Parkinson’s law and it’s not the disease Parkinson’s, but Parkinson’s law states that you will fill the time that you have available.
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