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You Want Success?

By jeff 0
Everybody wants success.
I know I do.
Heres something most don’t know about success……
To get success you must…. SUCK IN EXCESS.
This means success is 100% on you performing things that you suck at or that sucks in excess.
Meaning you will not succeed right away.
You will suck.
You will feel that doing the work sucks.
But when you keep doing what sucks and you suck at over and over (excess) the faster you will suck less.
And as you suck less, you start to thrive, and when you thrive you go from sucking  in excess to succeeding.
So whats the secret to success?
Suck in excess, over and over and over again, until you no longer suck – and you SUCCEED!
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author: jeff


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