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Your BIG BUT Is In The Way

By jeff 0

✅ Is Your Big But Getting In The Way?❎

👉 Your “but” could be getting in the way of your goals. 🤦‍♂️

How many times have you acknowledged something you know you need to change and then followed it with “yeah, but…”? Or, “I know, but…”?

“But…” is a bridge to the things you let hold you back from your goals. You see the path in front of you that you know you need to take, you acknowledge the benefit you get from following it, and then decide to take the “yeah, but…” detour.

Our “but” let’s us fool ourselves into thinking we’re taking action because we made an affirmative statement about something we want/need/going to do. Then we get out of t by follow with “yeah, but…” as a reason to put it off till later, or even why it can’t be done at all.

Take the “kick your ‘but'” challenge this week. Be on the lookout for any time you follow a statement with “yeah, but…” or “okay, but…”? Then, kick it out of your vocabulary. Practice cutting yourself off before your “but” gets in the way.

author: jeff


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