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Your Workouts Could Be Giving You Rewards

By jeff 0

As you might have heard, we have a BRAND NEW October Total Workout and Check In challenge!!!

Those with the MOST total workouts and check ins, win the BEST prizes, including FREE trips, FREE apparel, and discounted / free / bonus classes and sessions!!! Many of you have let me know you are bummed because you feel you can’t come close to winning a prize for total workouts because your membership limits you to only 2 or 3 classes / week.

 Well, we want to offer you the option to pay JUST $20, to upgrade your membership to unlimited for the rest of the month so that you can come in AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!!

Even multiple times a day!!!!! BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE A lot of you have been asking questions/ interested in some of our speciality programs such as BIKINI BODY, SUPERHERO YOU, and PERSONAL TRAINING.  I’ve got deals for every single one!!!

Try out BIKINI BODY or SUPERHERO YOU for only $75 add on for the next 30 days!!! (This applies to current members only BUT scroll to the bottom for deals for non members 🙂

These are normally a $100+ add on AND come with a 12 week commitment. Personal Training:  4 (one hour) sessions (must use one per week) for ONLY $149 (This is a HUGE discount guys, personal training normally breaks down to at least $46/session with our membership prices, or $65/session a la carte).

We will be offering these super special deals for 48 HOURS ONLY, so snag one ASAP and try out our speciality programs for a great discount and no long term commitment (we’re confident you’ll love it ;))!

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